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The Abney Foundation

The Abney Foundation is a private, grantmaking foundation in Anderson, SC.

Susie Abney Foundation History

I know that my Grandmother would be pleased with the vehicle she so wisely created that has done so much for so many." - J.R. Fulp, Jr., Chairman


The Abney Foundation was originally formed in 1957 by Mrs. Susie Mathews Abney, widow of Mr. John Pope Abney, the founder of Abney Mills in Greenwood, SC. At that time, five trustees, including Mrs. Abney, were appointed to govern the trust. The principal office was located in Greenwood, SC. At her death in 1969, Mrs. Abney left a sizeable bequest to The Abney Foundation.


The mission of The Abney Foundation is to aid organizations that are operated exclusively for educational, religious, charitable, scientific, and literary purposes. The highest priority is placed on higher education.


To date a total of $50,862,823 has been awarded to various organizations.


Colleges and Universities

2013-14 Abney Scholarship Recipients

Source: http://abneyfoundation.org/history.htm