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The Abney Foundation

The Abney Foundation is a private, grantmaking foundation in Anderson, SC.

Who We Are at Abney and Associates Foundation

About Us


The Abney Foundation (FAQ) is a private foundation, founded in 1957, with offices at 100 Vine Street in Anderson, South Carolina. The Foundation is governed by six trustees.


Who We Are


Trustees & Officers

  • J.R. Fulp, Jr., Chairman, Trustee
  • David C. King, Vice Chairman, Trustee
  • Carl T. Edwards, Trustee
  • John R. Fulp, III, Trustee
  • Lebrena F. Campbell, Trustee
  • Edd Sheriff, Trustee             
  • Johnnye K. Palmer, Secretary & Treasurer



  • David C. King, Executive Director
  • Carl T. Edwards, Executive Director Emeritus
  • Bonnie Nash, Administrative Assistant


Founder of The Abney Foundation


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